Who I am?

Total Outdoor Services LLC is a company located in Grand Bay, Alabama, specializing in the sale of high-quality skateboard bags.

Our skateboard bags cover various styles, and designs to meet the needs of different skateboarders. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, we have the perfect skateboard bag for you.

As an avid skateboard enthusiast, using a skateboard for travel has become my go-to choice.

With the supermarket conveniently located near my home, I always opt for skateboarding when it comes to shopping. However, there’s always been one pesky issue: after finishing my shopping, I find myself juggling bags of varying sizes while struggling to find a proper place for my skateboard. It’s quite inconvenient, to say the least. Oh, the storage struggle is real!

And then, in that very moment, it hit me—I needed a portable skateboard bag that would allow me to effortlessly carry my skateboard while achieving perfect organization.

So that, no more worries about holding different bags in my hands! Just like a trusty superhero sidekick, this bag would let me carry my skateboard with ease, liberating my hands from the burdensome loads.

Considering that many skateboarders will have the same problems as mine, it inspired me to create Fubazaar.


Our skateboard bag is crafted using high-quality materials and robust stitching, ensuring it withstands wear and tear during use. Not only does it provide ample space to accommodate your skateboard, but it also offers additional room for storing other small items. And it’s also foldable, so when you’re not using it, it can be easily stored and doesn’t take up much space.

This cleverly designed skateboard bag is not only practical but also prioritizes comfort, featuring comfortable shoulder straps and padding to effectively lighten the load during transport, ensuring a comfortable feel even during extended wear.

The compact and lightweight design makes transportation more convenient, allowing you to easily carry your skateboard wherever you go. Whether you’re a skateboard enthusiast or a daily user, our skateboard bag is the ideal choice, meeting practical needs while emphasizing comfort and durability.

A place where you can find the high quality bags to carry and safeguard our skateboards, while also reflecting your unique personalities and styles.

Fubazaar is your ultimate destination for skateboarding bags that blend style, functionality, and the unmistakable spirit of skateboarding.

Each skateboard bag in our collection is carefully handpicked to capture the very essence of skateboarding. From their rugged durability to their stylish designs, they exude the rebellious spirit that fuels our skateboarding journeys.

I want you to feel the same excitement, thrill, and freedom that skateboarding brings—right from the moment you land on Fubazaar.

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If you have any questions or suggestions for our skateboard bag, you can contact our customer service staff, Vernon Smith, via email [email protected], we will reply you within 24 hours, thank you.

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