Welcome to our Fubazaar.com, specializing in providing high-quality skateboard bags! We understand that reliable shipping services are crucial during your journey of selecting the perfect skateboard bag. Therefore, we have prepared the following shipping policy with care to ensure that your shopping experience, from choosing to receiving, is smooth and trouble-free. Please read the following terms carefully for more support and information.

01. How long is the shipping order processing time?

Shipping orders will be processed within 1-2 business days.

The shipping order service time of Fubazaar.com is Monday-Friday/10:00 AM-6:00 PM (CST).

Orders placed after 6:00 PM from Monday to Thursday will be processed the next day after 10:00 AM. Orders placed after 6:00 PM on Friday will begin processing on Monday after 10:00 AM.

We do not process orders during the weekends, and any orders placed during holidays will be processed on the next business day. We appreciate your understanding.

02. What is the shipping method and shipping time?

After successfully placing your order, we will ship the skateboard bag you selected to you using FedEx shipping. The shipping fee is $5. If your total order amount exceeds $30, we will provide free shipping, and no additional courier fee will be charged.

Shipping time is usually 3-5 business days. Because distances vary from state to state, shipping time will vary, but will not exceed 5 business days.

If shipping time of your skateboard bag over 5 business days, you can contact our customer service staff Vernon Smith by email [email protected], we will contact shipping company. If you no longer want skateboard bag, we will arrange a full refund for you. If you still require the skateboard bag, we will arrange for a reshipment.

We currently only sell within the United States. Our ship address is 10921 Lockwood Dr, Grand Bay, Alabama, 36541, where your skateboard bag will ship from here after you place your order.

03. How long is the delivery date?

The delivery date is 4-7 business days, which includes an order processing time of 1-2 business days and a shipping time of 3-5 business days.

If you haven’t received the skateboard bag you ordered after 7 business days, please contact our customer service staff, Vernon Smith, via email at [email protected]. We will arrange a full refund or reshipment.

04. How to cancel the order?

You can cancel your order within 30 minutes of placing your order.

After 30 minutes, our orders will enter the packing process, once packed it is impossible to cancel the order, please understand our work, thank you.

After your order payment is successful, you can check the order status in the account orders details.

If you are not familiar with the order cancellation process, you can contact our customer service staff, Vernon Smith, via email at [email protected]. We will help you to cancel your order within 24 hours, thank you.

Please note: When you cancel your order, the amount you paid will be refunded in full within 1-2 business days (full amount refund including shipping costs if you paid shipping costs).

05. Do we charge any taxes?

We want to assure our customers that we do not charge any taxes at present. 

If taxes need to be collected later, we will inform you via email in advance, along with the payment process and amount, but you need to pay the taxes yourself, thank you.

06. What are the precautions for signing for receipt?

We hope that you sign for it yourself. If someone else signs for it, please ensure that your package will not be lost.

Please check whether the package and skateboard bags are intact before signing.

If the skateboard bag has deformed or scratched or broken or stained, please reject it and promptly contact our customer service staff, Vernon Smith by email [email protected], we will promptly arrange a replacement or a full refund for you, thank you.

07. What is packaging of skateboard bags?

Our skateboard bags will first be placed in a transparent plastic pp bag to prevent dust and moisture from entering, and then the skateboard bag will be placed into a shipping cardboard box with inflatable membrane inside to provide shock absorption and protection during transportation. Anti-impact protection. Note that the box also contains a user manual, washing instructions, warranty card, return label, spare zipper pulls, and more. Please keep the original packaging and the above accessories for return. Thanks.

Package weight:

Package size:

08. How to modify order information?

Within 1-2 business days after you place an order and successfully pay, you can contact our customer service staff, Vernon Smith, via email at [email protected] to modify your order information. However, please note that you will not be able to change your order after 2 business days because at this time, we will be in the shipping stage. Therefore, we kindly ask you to carefully check and confirm your delivery information, including recipient’s name, address, phone number, email, postal code, before payment. Thanks.

09. Need help?

If you have any questions or suggestions of Shipping Policy, please contact us by email [email protected] or call at +(1)(313) 763-3030, and our customer service staff Vernon Smith will reply you within 24 hours and solve your problems, thank you.